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Do you want to lose weight? Run the BathHalf? Wear "that outfit?"
3 basic steps: Train well. Eat smart. Feel better.


During my career as an international athlete working with top class coaches and in recent years becoming a mother, I understand the challenges involved in training for a specific event, getting fit or losing that extra weight.

​My job is to coach and inspire you to reach your goals. Hard work is necessary - I never understate that - and we can tailor a package that will work for YOU, to keep you moving forward as you achieve maximum results.

Although regular exercise can change your body aesthetically, my aim is to introduce a 'way of life' which delves beneath the surface. Exercising in the right way helps you maintain a fit & healthy body into later life; builds strength that enhances your day with a feeling of ease; and creates a positive mental attitude so you feel good about YOU.

So, are you ready to take control of your health and wellbeing? There is no time like the present. Learn to live a healthy active life with F.I.T! 

Eat smart. Train well. Feel better.



My style of training aims to not only build physical strength and stamina, but to understand how you use your body each day: from desk chair posture to picking up the shopping - it all helps.

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Dieting can be a mine field and with so much conflicting information available it's hard to know where to start. Firstly, stop dieting! Learn how to make a sustainable difference to your waistline and energy levels. 

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Don't suffer in silence, give pain the elbow. If you suffer from aches & pains, or even a long-term problem that you just can't seem to manage, a professional Sports Massage is just the thing for you.

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What is physical Fitness? A condition or state of being that helps you look, feel and do your best. It is the ability to engage in high energy activities and then recover relatively quickly, allowing you to do other things with your time. It is a basis for good health and well-being. Fitness involves performance of the heart and lungs, and the muscles of the body. Fitness can also influence how alert you are and how you feel mentally and emotionally.



Energy is needed by the body to stay alive, grow, keep warm and move around. Energy is provided by food and drink... "Food is fuel." 

These energy requirements vary from one individual to the next, depending on factors such as age, sex, body composition and physical activity level. To maintain body weight, it is necessary to balance the energy derived from food with that expended in physical activity. To lose weight, energy expenditure must exceed intake, and to gain weight, energy intake must exceed expenditure.



Sports Massage uses a combination of soft tissue techniques to help to alleviate muscular aches and pains. Treatment aims to relieve tension in the muscles and helps to restore optimum function and flexibility.  It can be used to treat existing injuries, helping to improve blood flow, break down adhesions or 'knots' in the muscle, restore damaged muscle tissue and realign the muscle fibres.

This type of massage treatment is not only beneficial for althetes and sports people, but can be used to treat lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and headaches to name just a few. 


Proper equipment for proper training in perfect surroudings.

This is a unique facility set within a historic outbuilding at Hartham Park, just outside of Bath. F.I.T classes and one-to-one sessions can take place indoors or outdoors as the facility has a beautiful outside space with breathtaking views.

The facility offers specialist strength-training equipment along with tractor tyres, sledgehammers and vintage leather boxing gloves. For clients requiring Massage Therapy we have a well equipped treatment room.

Get in touch for a tour of the facility & choose your level of F.I.T.


Some of the success stories, comments & ratings we’ve received from Facebook & elsewhere.

“As a triathlete every second counts... Working with Maggie on stability & strength has been invaluable for my performance, I feel more efficient in every stride and my times have improved in all disciplines.”

Craig, (Bradford on Avon)

"Sports massage plays an important role in the life of any sportsman. The treatments have helped me prevent injuries, improve my mobility and restore injured muscle tissue, helping to boost performance"

Tom, (Bath)

“Even though Maggie’s workouts are sometimes tough I am often laughing... I feel it is a huge privilege to be trained by her and people have noticed the change in me.”

Writer, (Bath)


Contact Maggie today by telephone or email:

Call 07751 004 541

You won't need to stand around waiting for equipment as your workouts will be booked in and we will maximise your time in the gym for value and results. We have free parking at Hartham Park as well as secure bicycle racks.